All the essentials of the day…

The sun is warm, the air crisp and full of salt spray. The tidal surge is crashing, and with each epic wave the foam comes just inches from the tops of our gumboots. We walk quiet and peaceful with our eyes watching for treasures in the sea debris, deposited along the stretches of open sand… while we keep an wary eye out for the rogue wave determined to take us off guard.

Hand in hand, enjoying the brief reprieve from a hectic life, the concept of Valentines Day, a celebration of all hearts, whether it be your partner, your pet, your child, your friend, takes on a surreal feeling. It is enough, to stand in the moment, to just be, to be content… to want or need nothing more.

Smiling, now the return gait, just a little quicker, is filled with a sweet promise. A uniquely special day should be celebrated. Gumboots kicked off, toques and mitts discarded; (after all, it is still February!) there, waiting are sweet dark and salty caramel chocolates, the golden glow of a slightly peaty Scotch whisky, in this case Bunnahabhain 12 year (Boon-na-havenn) from the Isle of Islay off the western shores of Scotland. Our chocolate of choice are beautiful hand made dark chocolates from a chocolatier in Courtenay called Hot Chocolates.

A warm sunlit memory; sweet, salty chocolate and the golden glow of Bunnahabhain… a pairing made in heaven, especially on this day of celebration of the heart.

Happy Valentines Day!


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