An “Upper Cut”

What I look for when tasting Single Malt Scotch Whisky is unique qualities and attention to detail. When you nose it and sip it you can taste the passion and care that went into crafting it.

When I moved to the Comox Valley on the North Vancouver Island, I had a hard time finding a Barbershop that I was happy with and fit well with me. The first time I went to see Jonny at Uppercut Barbershop in Cumberland, I didn’t know what to expect. I walked across the small, quiet street up to the front door of the shop and right away I felt like I had somehow stepped back in time. “Uppercut Barbershop” was painted on the front window. A Barber’s Pole was mounted above the vintage glass pane door. When I walked through the door the smell of beard oil and leather hit my nose. The inside of the Barbershop was like walking into an old Cigar parlour. There was vintage leather sofas and chairs by the window, an old piano in the corner. The barbers chairs were also classics and looked like, if they could, they would tell a story or two, along with the set of old boxing gloves hanging on the wall. Jonny welcomed me warmly as I sat down in the old chair. The next hour was filled with great conversation, most of which, was about Whisky. Although we didn’t have any to enjoy at the time, I promised the next time I needed a haircut and beard trim that I would be back with some spirits.

A few days ago I decided I was starting to look like a highland coo so I went online and booked my appointment. I messaged Jonny that night and said, “Hey friend, I’m coming in for a haircut and beard trim tomorrow. What do you prefer, peated or not peated?” He replied “Peated 100%! That’s not to say I don’t like a Highland here and there, just when given the choice I’d say go peat or go home.” To which I replied “I’ve got just the thing then.” That’s when I knew that this was a pairing that needed to be shared!

So, to my haircut appointment the next day, I brought a newly discovered bottle of Smokehead Rock Edition and a pair of Norlan Valid Whisky Glasses. The Whisky lived up to its smokey reputation but surprised me with its smoothness. I must also say, the experience, the haircut and beard trim quality and detail, paired perfectly with this dram.


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