Blue Collar and Scholar whisky blog and review.

We asked friends, acquaintances, whisky tasting groups, whisky ambassadors and others we surveyed about how they came to view whisky as they do, and which single malt appeals to them, when – and even where.

We learned that certain whisky’s pair well, not only with cigars, but with foods, moods, philosophy, poetry, along with memory of places one has been or activities one enjoys. Single malt Scotch, made from a traditional distilling process, creates an existential relationship between this ancient tradition and a sensory experience waiting to unfold. Scent of the whisky releases its own history that connects beautifully with what we bring to the moment.

Our website is about discovering what complements the ‘water of life’ or uisge beatha as the Ancient Celts called it and sharing these discoveries with you.


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