Pairing different wines with food allows certain elements (texture and flavour) in both food and wine to interact with each other. With the right combination of elements, the dining experience is enhanced. The question is what pairs with Scotch? And, unlike wines, should Scotch whisky pairing be limited to food alone?
What we are doing is asking friends, acquaintances, whisky tasting groups, bartenders, ‘nosers and spitters’ and others who view single malt scotch with reverence, about how they have come to view whisky as they do, and which single malt appeals to them, and when – and even where.
We know that certain whisky’s pair, not only with food, but with different moods, cigars, philosophy, poetry, memory of places one has been, love making, or activities like rock climbing, caber tossing and stone throwing that inspire an unique conversation that emanates from the nose and the palate that connects to the soul. We want to know what inspires you to pour a dram and, when you do, whether you prefer one that is peaty, fruity, leathery, citrusy, salty or floral. And, where does it take you and why?


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