Kilchoman Alberta Exclusive Maderia Cask Finish

Bottled at 56.2% ABV, this is a wonderfully smoky, wine influenced whisky all the way through.

Nose: Smoky, nutty, robust wine notes of dark fruit and spice.

Palate: Heavy peat smoke with big sweet wine flavours.

Finish: Long, sweet and spicy, burnt wine barrel staves and wine-dipped cigars.

Rating: 9.0/10

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Kilchoman Bourbon Cask KWM Exclusive Single Cask

This special dram is Kilchoman Bourbon cask.  This stunning Islay whisky is a single cask bottled exclusively for KWM. It is a no age statement expression bottled at 56.8% ABV.

Nose: Sweet flint smoke, Oily sea salt brine, Hints of ripe tropical fruit in the background, Dusty Schoolhouse chalkboard shammy.received_2373775996082197.jpeg

Palate: Smoldering peat smoke, burnt rubber tire on freshly rained on pavement, Salted caramels, Cedar shingles, Vanilla wafers, Dirty leather and Bandaids.

Finish: Persistently long, big smoke…seems never ending!

Rating: 8.9/10

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Kilchoman Exclusive Single Cask PX Finished

Kilchoman Exclusive Single Cask PX Finished

5 year old Bottled at 56.8% ABV Bottle# 238/264

Colour: Honey Brown

Nose: Medicinal, Cherries and Peat Smoke

Palate: A peat fire charred- Black Forest Cake

Finish: A long exhale of a seductive, Cherry-dipped, Cigar

Mouth Feel: Mouth-coating and smooth

With Water Added

Nose: Peat Smoke, Citrus and dried fruit, Sweet toffeeEAB8E40C-A574-4FE0-BDEF-8A636158D6A1

Palate: Vanilla, Caramelized Dates, Sea Salt and more Peat smoke.

Finish: Long, Toasted s’mores with Vanilla and Orange Peel Zest.

Rating: 8.8/10

I will try and save some of this whisky to dabble in cigar pairings too.

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