Jura 12 Year Old

Jura12 Year Old – Bottled at 40% ABV. This was a nice, easy drinking, sherried whisky that, unfortunately, fell a little short for me.

Colour: Rich Amber

Nose: Cinnamon, Cloves, Chocolate covered raisins, vanilla and dried fruit.

Palate: Light smoke, all spice, walnuts, more dried fruit and a hint of citrus on the back porch.

Finish: Short, Smokey haze that transitions from sweet to dry.

IMG_20191006_172819Mouth feel: Thin and dry

I would pair this dram with a salt and pepper seasoned, medium rare with a good char, ribeye steak.

I tried adding water… Don’t do it! The folks at Jura Distillery have already added water and in my opinion…too much. I found the whisky fell apart with more water added. Having said that… This dram had some good qualities at the beginning and feel it would be even better at 46%ABV. I would recommend it to someone new to whisky but would definitely not feature it at a club tasting full of seasoned whisky drinkers.

I give this dram a 4.2 out of 10

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