Inchmoan 12-year-old Peated

Loch Lomond creates this expression by blending a variety of their single malts made from either the traditional swan-neck pot still or their unique straight neck pot still.  From this evolves a spirit with depth and a beautiful blend of smoke and spice.received_560502178069123

Nose: Dark fruit, all spice, burnt wood, freshly trimmed mint leaves.

Palate: Torched toffee, cinnamon, cracked black pepper. Peat is fading fast…

Finish: Lingering delicate notes of dark fruit….no peat smoke.

This is a solid dram but must admit that I was spoiled by the Loch Lomond Inchmurrin 18 earlier in the calendar.  I had higher hopes for this whisky especially considering I’m a bit of a peat head.  I found it didn’t carry past the nose.

Rating 7.8/10

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