Highland Park 18 Viking Pride

The “Untouchable” Highland Park 18 Viking Pride.  I called it untouchable because it is one of the all-time best whiskies in the world and one of the most awarded.  In fact, it has dominated for so long that they retired it into the hall of fame and don’t allow it to be considered for awards any longer to make it fair for the rest!  For this reason alone, one should have this classic Orkney malt in their collection at all times.89303EAF-28FA-4384-8E44-A7C41B737DD8

Bottled at 43% ABV.

Colour: Light Amber Gold

Nose: Rich honey and floral notes, mixed tropical fruit, light aromatic peat smoke.

Palate: More fragrant honey, heathery peat smoke, creamy mouth feel, notes of coffee and cinnamon.

Finish: Long and lingering light peat smoke with dark fruits and chocolate.

Paired with Christmas fruitcake.

Rating 9.7/10

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