Victoria Whisky Festival 2020 – Old Perth

We are merely 24 hours away from the festival that west coast Whisky fans look forward to every year.  The 2020 Victoria Whisky Festival is one of the biggest of its kind in Canada and for the past 15 years whisky newbs and experienced connoisseurs alike flock to Vancouver Island for 3 days of everything Whisky!  In celebration of their 15th year, they have partnered with, independent bottler, Morrison & McKay and The Strath Liquor Store to offer an exclusive 2020 Victoria Whisky Festival Old Perth Blended Scotch Whisky.

Morrison & McKay is a family-owned independent bottler based in Perth, Scotland.  Their flagship blended scotch whisky, Old Perth, was first produced in the early 1900’s by the Thomson family.  After disappearing in the 1970’s, Morrison & McKay brought Old Perth back to life in 2013. 

Here’s my take on the 2020 Victoria Whisky Festival Exclusive Bottling!

Nose: Pinetree pitch, mint, crisp Granny Smith apple, spiced apple cider, orange peel zest, dandelion milk.

Palate: Honey sweetness, anise, herbs, orchard fruit basket, baking spices and hints of barrel aged gin.

Finish: Mouth drying, peppery, baking spices, cookie dough, lingering pepper heat.

Rating: 8.2/10

Old Perth Blended Scotch Whisky 2020 Victoria Whisky Festival Exclusive





  • Victoria Whisky Festival Exclusive
  • Unique, complex Expression
  • Crisp and refreshing

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