Shelter Point Whisky Takeover

What an great time had by all Saturday night when @bluecollarandscholar did a @shelterpoint whisky club takeover! A fantastic group of whisky drinkers, amazing whiskies and incredibly delicious pairings. We would like to thank @omgmacarons_briantyacke for the superb @highlandparkofficial 16 Twisted Tattoo macarons. They were, without a doubt, the highlight and favourite pairing of the evening. We would also like to thank @naturalpasturescheese for the yummy cheese pairings , @whiskywebb , @vanislelydia, @branotchomuffin , for helping to make it happen and run smoothly and @wendy.drummond.cran for her infamous Laphroaig Quarter Cask Fudge. Never had @laphroaig whisky fudge? Then you better sign up for one of our events!

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