Whisky Wednesday – Ardbeg Ten


My Whisky Wednesday bottle kill dram this week is @ardbeg 10. In my opinion this is one of the all-time best whiskies to be had. It’s a perfect balance of smoke, sweet and spice. For an entry level, flagship expression, it has a lot going on! Bottled at 46% ABV non chill filtered, no colour added.

Colour: Harvest Gold

Nose: At first sweet smoke, tropical fruit with dark chocolate and pepper.

Palate: Subtle peat smoke and spice at the beginning. Opens to a hugely complex bouquet of peat, pepper, brine and banana. Fresh ground dark coffee beans and licorice.

Finish: Long and lingering, a Smokey fruit basket with banana, pear and salted caramel.

Paired with CAO Dagger Cigar. We found that with the smoke from the cigar the sweetness of the dram stood out and became a completely different tasting experience.

Rating 9.5/10

Ardbeg 10 should be on everyone’s list when starting a whisky collection.. In fact… You should have a spare so you don’t run out like I just did… Gotta go get more!

Adam, Blue Collar and Scholar

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