Dram of the evening..

My dram for the evening is Springbank Longrow Peated Campbeltown Single Malt.

This delicious, well balanced whisky is bottled at 46%ABV, non chill filtered and no colour added.

Colour: Light Gold

Nose: Dutch double salted black licorice, crisp orchard fruit, a distant smoke.

Palate: More salted black licorice, pear and banana, and a perfectly roasted marshmallow on a smoldering driftwood beach fire.

Finish: Lingering candied pear with salted caramel drizzle.

Mouth feel: Creamy and light.

With water added

Nose: Smokey brine of an old fish net cast on the fire, light pear and tropical fruit

Palate: Well balanced, sweet, salt, bitter and smoke, Smoked pears with salted caramel.

Finish: Long, light smoke, hints of pears with cream.

What would I pair with this whisky? Hot pear crumble with French vanilla ice cream and toasted brown sugar on top.

.. Adam, Blue Collar

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