Whisky 101

Earlier this week, the Scholar of Blue Collar & Scholar introduced Whisky 101to the staff of The [Post] Modern Peasant Restaurant in Powell River. The new owner Chef John D. Walls, who has partnered with Blue Collar & Scholar in the past, decided it was time to introduce his staff to the unique whisky experience. Whisky 101provides a wee bit of history, the language of nosing and tasting the single malt, the Gaelic pronunciation of the Scotch, and background information on the range and collection of whiskies they will serve.

The Modern Peasant will be offering a flight of smaller pours to provide a sampling of a range of whiskies customers may not have had the chance to experience before.  Some examples on the menu included GlenDronach Allardice 18 year, Ardbeg Uigeadail, Glenfiddich IPA, Aberlour A’Bunadh, and Kilchoman Single Cask Strength along with many more. Chef John D. Walls combines these favorite drams with a bit of his culinary magic which is a part of a ‘must see’, ‘must nose’, ‘must taste’ experience. As for his staff, they are looking forward to sharing their new insights to provide a unique whisky experience. Thank you, John. It was great fun!




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