The big night!

10. And now for something completely different!


Here we are! It’s Christmas Eve and we have reached the final installment of “10 Ways to Enjoy Whisky over the Holidays.” And we saved the best for last!
Do you think Santa will come down the chimney tonight with a bag full of gifts and take the time to sit down and enjoy yet another plate of homemade treats and glass of skim milk? Why don’t you try something different this year and give him something he and the elves actually want and will most definitely enjoy to the last drip and crumb!

It’s tradition here at The Blue Collars residence to leave Santa a dram of Ardbeg 10 Year old (not too much of my Ardbeg because he still has lots of work to do of course!) paired with fried Bologna, Brie and Gerkin pickles on grilled sourdough. This pairing will blow your…. I mean….Santa`s mind!

From Blue Collar and Scholar Whisky Pairing, we would like wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a 2019 full of goal reaching and success!



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