The silver screen and a Christmas Dram


7. Christmas Movie Time

Winter Solstice is upon us and here in the Pacific Northwest, dear Mother Nature can subject us to some pretty serious wind, rain, sleet and snow.  So, sometimes enjoying a dram around a bonfire or on a mountain top is not always in the cards.  For those such nights, Blue Collar and Scholar recommends hunkering down and weathering the storm with a healthy pour of Glenmorangie The Original and a classic Christmas movie (provided you still have power!).

Blue Collar and his loving wife, Brandy, paired Glenmorangie with “White Christmas”.  This classic film, full of music, song, dance and crooners, takes you back to time of refinement and sophistication.  This truly is a film worth pairing with a fine Scotch during the holidays.

The Scholar and his better half, Wendy, paired Glenmorangie with “A Christmas Carol” starring Alastair Sim.  This, Charles Dickens story, is a favourite tradition in many households.  The adventure and events that take place in this film result in Ebenezer Scrooge finding a new appreciation for Christmas, love and charity.  With this, it seems, we have found new appreciation for this classic dram.

An honourable mention, from both Blue Collar and Scholar, is “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  We feel it’s a perfect show for a dram from a smaller out of the way distillery.  This movie has great music and an even greater message.

So those are our top pics….what are yours?

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