A season infused with Christmas baking

6. Pairing a beautiful single malt with Christmas Baking

There is nothing more symbolic of Christmas than the sweet scent of spices, butter, vanilla and chocolate infused in Christmas baking. One of the great discoveries in the Blue Collar and Scholar household is whisky fudge. Made with a combination of Callebaut dark chocolate, a bit of semi sweet, homemade vanilla and a few drams of Laphroaig or another single malt to marry with the chocolate. The dark chocolate makes it irresistible with any choice of dram, both in the mixing and in the sipping. It also makes a great gift this time of year.

Another treat that is hard to resist is shortbread paired with Talisker Storm. The salty maritime breath of a northerly wind, laced with smoke and peat, wrapped in seaweed of the Talisker balances the sweetness and the delicate texture and flavour of the shortbread. A beautiful pairing, while practising arm curls by the fireplace or wood stove, with Christmas lights reflecting off the Glen Cairn glass. So enjoy…Slainte

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