Yuletide Fireside

5. Yuletide Fireside

One of the best things about living on Vancouver Island, here in the Pacific Northwest, is that you can ski or snowshoe on a mountain top in the morning and then stroll down a sandy beach or grab your surf board for the day’s last waves. The only way to finish off an epic day like this over the holidays is to set the bonfire ablaze and gather around.
There are not many things that pair with whisky better than a good fire. We’re not talking about a damp, smoldering, smoky mess. More like a white-hot raging fire that’s tough to stand near, let alone, toast a marshmallow! Much like water or barley, without fire, there is no whisky. And with fire, there is smoke.

Blue Collar and Scholar have chosen to pair a Yuletide Bonfire with Glenfiddich Fire & Cane. Sure, there are smokier and peatier whiskies out there that we could have selected, but this dram is a beautiful balance between gentle smoke of a hot fire and a Rum cask sweetness of the Holidays. So, if you are gathered around the fire after a day of playing in the snow or throwing another piece of driftwood on the pile with the waves crashing at your feet, pour yourself a wee dram…and maybe one for us too!

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