Trim the home..


4. Nothing puts one into the Christmas Spirit faster than a beautifully decorated home over the holidays. Christmas is about spending quality time with family and even the task of decorating your home can bring us together.

In our house, we start by putting up the tree and placing Jolly Old St. Nicholas upon the highest bough. We then put on some classic Christmas music and reminisce Christmases past while carefully hanging our heirloom ornaments on the tree. The stockings are then hung from the fireplace mantle. The outdoor lights and decorations are set up and we finish by hanging a wreath on our front door.

Although some would pour themselves a dram at the very beginning and continue to pour throughout the process, I recommend waiting until the task is finished. Get all the hard work, tree hauling and ladder climbing out of the way first. Then, pour yourself a healthy dram of Highland Park 18 Year Old, sit down in your favourite whisky chair, put your feet up and toast the tree, the home and a job well done! Slainte!

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