Christmas Shopping

Here is number 2 on our list of Ways to enjoy Whisky over the Holidays

2. Christmas Shopping

Yes it’s that time of year again when everyone flocks to shopping malls and big box stores trying to check everyone one off their nice list. The search for the perfect gift to wrap and put under the tree for loved ones can be overwhelming and stressful to say the least. Here is a suggestion from Blue Collar and Scholar to help make your Holiday shopping much more bearable.

Plan not to drive (holiday traffic can add to the stress levels anyways!) and pour yourself a, not-so-wee, dram of The Balvenie 12 year old Double Wood into an inconspicuous travel mug. Also, avoid the busy and hectic shopping malls and big box stores. Find yourself a winter night market or a festive shopper’s row with local, handcrafted, unique goods. Wander through the merchants and take in the sights, sounds and smells and find yourself inspired and in the spirit! Think of the person you are buying for and what would bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning. Oh! And don’t forget to bundle up! Although we are sure that the whisky will help to keep you warm! Slainte!

Blue Collar


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