10 Ways to Enjoy Whisky over the Holidays

As we enter into the Holiday season our “research,” here at Blue Collar and Scholar has brought us to a conclusion that Whisky pairs well with all types of activities this time of year. Whether it’s the exciting new releases from our favourite distilleries or the colder and ever changing weather, a belly warming dram of rich and flavourful aqua vita seems to find a place in almost any holiday adventure. We, here at Blue Collar and Scholar, have come up with a list of “10 Ways to enjoy Whisky over the Holidays.” Although most can probably figure this out with their own “research,” we wanted to share our findings once a day leading up to Christmas Eve, for those that might need guidance! After all, you wouldn’t want any missed opportunities!

1. Sip, Savour and Enjoy Responsibly
As mentioned above, there is no shortage of occasions over the holidays to enjoy a dram. Number one on our list is to do so with appreciation and responsibly. The whiskies that we purchase, collect and drink are, for the most part, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. These amazingly skilled artists have spent countless hours perfecting their recipes and methods. Then, when the distilling is done and the hearts have been selected, the liquid heaven is put into casks and left to mature for a minimum of 3 years plus a day but usually more like 8 to 20 years, sometimes even longer! Then more time is spent blending and marrying these wonderful spirits in search for the perfect whisky.
So, when you are partaking in Holiday merriment and celebration, take time to sip, savour and appreciate what went into creating the “water of life” and how perfect and warming it is. Also, this shouldn’t have to be said but it does, enjoy it responsibly. This day and age there is no reason to over-indulge and then get behind the wheel. Plan ahead, call a cab or have a designated driver to make sure everyone gets home safely for Christmas.

Blue Collar and Scholar

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