Dark and Stormy Night




Here is a stormy winter night’s pairing from Blue Collar’s own whisky room. 

We had the pleasure of hosting @VanIsleHeritage and @whiskywebb from @shelterpoint to celebrate Lydia’s Birthday on Friday night! 

After a chilly evening at Courtenay’s Moonlight and Magic Night festival and a bite, we headed home to warm up with a few, not so wee, drams. We settled into the whisky chairs and listened to the famous poem, “The cremation of Sam Mcgee” written by Robert W. Service and read by, the one and only, Johnny Cash. It was suiting to pair this classic Gold rush poem with the heels of @thetwobrewers Yukon single malt whisky from the last whisky tasting I hosted. 

Here is a link to the poem.


What whisky would you pair it with?

Blue Collar!

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