Stronghearts Whisky Club Tasting 2.0

Blue Collar and Scholar had the honour of once again, hosting Stronghearts Whisky Club’s tasting event this weekend. The group we presented to were, for the most part, experienced whisky explorers and had already decided what they did and did not like in a dram. But, with some carefully selected whiskies from all over Scotland, we managed to change and/or open some of their minds to possibilities outside their “go-to” drams.

We started the evening with a classic. The Balvenie 12 Year Doublewood. This perfect balance between Bourbon and Sherry finishes was very well received. The Glendronach 12 Year old was the next dram poured. This richly sherried whisky will certainly be enjoyed by a few this coming holiday season.

The third selection of the evening was Bowmore 15. It was an incredibly smooth and smoky dram! The 2 wood finish added delicious raisin and chocolaty notes. Which paired amazingly well with some Laphroaig quarter cask salted dark chocolate fudge.We then moved on to the favourite dram of the evening. From the Isle of Skye, Talisker Storm. This ex-bourbon, no age statement, peated whisky made quite an impact on the evening’s attendees. Some of whom purchased a bottle on the way home!
We then took a huge left turn and decided to present a Canadian craft whisky from the Yukon. Two Brewers single malt whisky, release #8 Innovative. These fellows from the North decided to add hops at the mash stage of the distilling process. This gives the whisky a very unique citrus flavour and was very crisp and refreshing. We look forward to sampling their spirits in the future!
Blue Collar and Scholar


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