Glenfarclas 12 Year Review

Hey everyone!  Blue Collar and Scholar have decided to select a whisky every few weeks and review and pair it with something for your reading pleasure.  The first whisky we chose is Glenfarclas 12 year old and it so happens we both decided to pair it with a hearty meal!  Stay tuned for more unique reviews and pairing ideas.  We encourage your feeback and any suggestions you might have for future reviews and pairings.  Slainte!

Blue Collar Whisky Pairing Review

Glenfarclas 12 year paired with:

Homemade Slowcooker Elk Chili with medium salsa, corn and Laphroaig Select (for a smoky flavour)

Summer is but a distant memory in the Pacific Northwest.  Autumn has arrived and with it, cold, wet, windy days are here to stay on Northern Vancouver Island.  It is this; very Scottish like weather, that has one craving warm, hearty comfort foods and equally warming spirits.  I decided to pair Glenfarclas 12 year old whisky with a homemade slowcooker Elk chili.  The sweet and spice of this mild chili paired extremely well with this sherried dram.  The elk, corn and salsa complimented the sweet sherry, toffee apple flavour and the chili spice seemed to marry and extend the, already long, allspice and cinnamon finish to this whisky.  Like the direct fired pot stills of Glenfarclas Distillery, this pairing warms you on a cold wet day and seems to invite one to curl up in a favourite chair with a good book by the fire or under a warm blanket with a loved one and watch the storm.

Blue Collar

Scholar Whisky Pairing Review

Glenfarclas 12 year paired with: Premium Rib Roast – Oven roasted to medium rare, with a salt and pepper rub – Oven roasted, salted and butter corn, fresh garden beets with butter and seasonings.


Glenfarclas  12 year was the ‘marriage’ that made all the flavours of the meal work! It  enhanced the savoury inspite of the sweetness of the corn and beets and was an amazing accompaniment to the beef and spices that enriched and soothed the tastes versus fighting for its place. Absolutely perfect accompaniment for the oven roast and harvest vegetables.

A wonderful soothing butterscotch finish to help you savour the meal finish…  a long warm sip that has eased the savoury flavours and now… presents a dessert treat in the butterscotch smoothness and warmth.

A discovery of Glenfarclas 12 – an amazing whisky to enjoy at this time of year as we turn to the harvest, and the season of festivities ahead. A roast turkey, or roast pork or the prime rib… enjoying the smells and rich seasonings of the centrepiece of the gathering that warms the house and the tastebuds —- highlighted through the sipping of a Glenfarclas that I had not fully appreciated through the summer months of lighter meals… lovely discovery!




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