Next up in the Blaster Casks… IPA

The next selection in the “Blaster Casks” Series was Glenfiddich IPA. Just one of a few exciting experiments by Glenfiddich in recent years. They teamed up with a local brewmaster and created their own India Pale Ale and aged it in oak casks so that they could then finish this expression in those casks adding to the flavour.

Chef John D. Walls @culinarymagic paired this whisky with a beautiful roasted rack of lamb with apricot chutney.

The whisky, which had notes of apples, pear and citrus fruit with hints of nutmeg and vanilla toffee, seemed to cut down on the on the gamey flavour of the lamb and enrich the apricot chutney. Many observed intense nutmeg flavours. A more “hops” flavour was expected in this whisky by a few craft beer fans in the crowd but did note hints of green leafiness.

Blue Collar

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