The final stop… Ardbeg and prawns!


The final stop on our tour of the whisky distilling regions of Scotland with food pairings was another Islay whisky.  Ardbeg Uigeadail is a powerful peaty dram but surprising balanced with sweet and malty flavours layered with intense peat and smoked barley.

Chef John D. Walls once again was on point with his culinary creation.  He prepared butterflied prawns over pearl barley, steamed green onions and vanilla  cream sauce.  What an amazing conclusion to a day full of whisky discovery and culinary Magic!

Blue Collar

Don’t forget to check out our next whisky tasting and pairing!!

August 19th – 2-5 pm at the Jean Pike Centre – The ARC – Tickets are available now! 

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Photo credits to Steven Grover Photography

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