Gifts from the earth..

We continued north to a special distillery on the Isle of Orkney.  Our fourth single malt of the evening was Highland Park Full Volume.

Chef John D. Walls prepared an amazing Wild Mushroom Ragu.  He used Oyster and Morel mushrooms in a white wine cream with pan fried baguette.  This dish was served with a garnish of fresh moss from the local coastal forest floor.  Just before presenting this pairing he poured hot water over the moss garnish releasing a beautiful earthy aroma.  If you closed your eyes and tasted and nosed this dish it would take you deep into the forest where these mushrooms grew and were harvested.  The earthy aromas and flavours could not have paired better with the smooth, lightly smokey Orkney dram.

Blue Collar

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Photo credits to Steven Grover Photography

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