Mother’s Day is a Sunday in spring, when everything is new and fresh, that we go above and beyond the “status quo” to show our Mothers, Mother-in-laws, Step-Mothers, Single Parent Dads and anyone else who takes on the role of raising, supporting and making sure our underwear is clean and not on the outside of our of our pants every day, that we love them and appreciate them.  Well, in my opinion, one day isn’t enough.  These amazing people are the glue that holds our lives together and push us to be better and dream bigger.  For those that feel the same way, I urge you to make sure they know every day.

However, because this is a special day for Moms, Mas, Mommas, Mommies, I raise a glass to them… and if your Ma enjoys a dram, pour her one too.  After all, you are probably one of the reasons she drinks!


Happy Mother’s Day!


Blue Collar


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