Gang Warily

20180415_181321My last name is “Drummond” and is of Scottish descent.  So, for me, competing in Scottish Heavy Events and enjoying whisky is a part of my heritage, it’s in my blood.

The Drummond Clan originates from Perthshire in the Highlands of Scotland near Stirling.  The phrase on the Clan crest says “Gang Warily.” It means “Go Carefully.”  This phrase was not a glad tiding or well wish to travellers but a warning to others outside the clan.  In fact, a Drummond was promoted to “Earl of Perth” for their loyalty to the King of Scotland and for fabricating field spikes or “caltrops” that took out charging English cavalry, evening the battlefield considerably.

I am very passionate about throwing, lifting weights and stones and logs etc.  I also love the passion, time, care and quality that go into making single malt Scotch whisky.  My lifelong goal and top of my bucket list is to travel to Scotland and see my homeland.  I want to compete in highland games that have been held for generations and tour the finest distilleries in the land.  If and when I do fulfill this dream I can assure you one thing.  I won’t be going carefully! Slainte!

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