The Finer Things

20180404_082657Sometimes work is a real grind.  It is significantly less of a grind when you get to work on a brand new Dodge Challenger Hellcat.  There is something about firing up a 700 hpsupercharged HEMI.  It instantly gives you goose bumps and leaves a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

My work also had me travelling to the mainland for a course on new vehicle technology.  This gave me an opportunity to get together with my uncle once again and see what new bottles hehad added to his collection.  He had just returned from taking his family to Mexico.  The first bottle we sampled was not a singlemalt but was the smoothest and most enjoyable Tequila I have ever tried. BAB9660C-B53D-46ED-98A3-63610E22687F Tequila Aguascalientes is what it was called and I have never seen it in Canada.  If you ever do see it I highly recommend buying a bottle….or two!  We then went on to sample Glenfarclas £511.19s.0d Family Reserve.  John Grant purchased Glenfarclas distillery for this amount in 1865, which this special bottling celebrates.  I believe the quality of this dram is due to the fact that it is one of Scotland’s only family run distilleries.

He also showed me his newly purchased GlenfarclasFamily Casks 1998, The Macallan Rare Cask Black and Tomatin1988 Batch No.3.  We then sampled The Balvenie 12 year Double Wood.  This was a fantastic dram and was added to my ever-growing list of “must haves.”

The next evening was spent with good friends around the fire.  We enjoyed a Macallan 12 year and Glenmorangie La Santa.

This past week has been full of what I like to call “The Finer Things”, and some great whisky as well.

Blue Collar

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