Whisky Survey… and more

survey image2Scotland is a world full of mystery whose economy is driven by drink (73% of the countries net export output worth over $7.5B) and whose culture and language, wrapped in myth and lore, is equally complex as a dram of a favorite single malt.

How many times have you been to a bar where you find patrons sitting (or standing) with their nose in a glass, going on at length about vanilla notes, the tongue tingling tannins of a leather boot that come with a tinge of smoke and a hint of ash tray and marvel over what they have discovered in a glass. The art of discovering the essence of a good single malt is connecting our nose and our palette to something or someplace in time that we simply enjoy. Whether your choice is smoky and peaty, woody and spicy or light and delicate, time, space, activity and even emotion can heighten the overall tasting experience.

Adam and I decided to engage our followers, friends, experts and acquaintances to find out what inspires them to choose one Scotch over another. For those of you who have not seen the survey, click here Whisky Survey .   The survey is short and essentially asks you about choices and what inspires you in making that choice. If you want to share your story, there is an opportunity for that as well. What are we going to do with the information? We are planning to cobble together many of the stories and, along with the history, the alchemy, and the science, format them into a book.

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