Whisky Life Hack

Generally speaking, I’m pretty new to the Whisky scene. Despite this, I have learned a few things. One of those lessons is that not all Whisky is great. In fact, some are downright horrid. Sometimes I end up with bottles that I have won in a Scottish Heavy Events competition or gift from a friend who knows very little about Whisky and listened to the clerk’s recommendation at the local liquor store. For the record, if someone says “This is the one we sell the most of”, don’t buy it for me! So these bottles are accepted graciously and filed in the liquor cabinet under “never”. Eventually, over time, they find their way to the back of the cabinet and start collecting dust. And taking up valuable real-estate I might add.

So what does one do with these un-wanted additions to their collection? Use it as ice-melter on the sidewalks and driveways? Well, I suppose you could, and it would probably work very well indeed. But as hard as these whiskies are to choke down, even I would find that pretty wasteful.   The best way, that we have found, to deal with these ghastly spirits is to use them to warm up after a cold winter’s day activity. Next time you come inside after being out in the cold, shovelling snow or scraping ice, try mixing your un-wanted Whisky with cup of hot chocolate. The trick is to use enough whisky that it counteracts the sweetness and warms you from head-to-toe. If after you have had a cup you find you are still cold… make another one. Remember, its taking up valuable space in your collection so use liberally.

Well… I better go finish shovelling the driveway. On second thought… maybe one more cup!


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