Good Times, Great People

What a fantastic weekend! Here in British Columbia, we are celebrating Family Day this long weekend. We were blessed with great weather for this time of year so we made a point of getting outside. The weekend was kicked off by heading over to my in-laws for a fire pit in their backyard complete with wiener roasting and s’mores. My father in-law is more of a Rye Whisky drinker but was given a bottle of The Glenlivet Founders Reserve for his birthday a few years back. I was truly honoured when he opened it for me to enjoy a dram. I’m not sure about pairing it with hot dogs and marshmallows but it certainly went well with campfire and good company.

The following day was another beauty so we went and visited good friends of ours and helped them pour some concrete atlas stones for lifting in his gym. We mixed and poured concrete while all of the kids played outside in yard. There was a general feeling that winter was coming to an end and spring was here…despite what the groundhog said. After all the work was finished, out came the scotch. My friend had recently travelled abroad and picked up some gems at the duty free on his way home. We started by sampling Highland Park Harald and Svein. He preferred the Harald and I was more partial to the Svein. Having said that, I haven’t had a Highland Park Whisky that I didn’t like and they were both delicious. We then enjoyed a dram of my Glenmorangie 12 Quinta Ruban and his Scapa Skiren. I sure do love those Orkney single malts. After sampling the Glenmorangie, another friend of his that was visiting said that she love the flavour it was her new favourite.

So I guess since this webpage and blog are about whisky pairings, I would have to say that this story is about how well whisky pairs with things of quality. Quality time with quality people making quality memories. Slainte!



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