Relaxation for Recovery

69886959-33EE-4709-8FAF-2E1A2ACF7035I’m an automotive service technician. I diagnose and repair cars for 10 hours a day. Then, for an average of 2 hours a day, I train for the coming Scottish Heavy Events season or coach Track and Field and sometimes both. At the end of the day I am physically and mentally exhausted. In order for me to be able to do all this on top of being a good father and husband, I need to recover. My favourite way to recover, both physically and mentally, is a relaxing soak in my hot tub. 78B654F7-8C94-4D71-A4D3-1E9788EC1562As soon as I sit down in that hot water, all of my aches and pains and stiffness just melt away. That instant wave of relaxation helps to clear the mind as well. With no electronic distractions, the mind seems to relax and focus. What better moment is there to pair with a dram of exquisite single malt whisky.


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