A match made in Heaven

20180207_205708Typically, single malt whisky is known to go hand in hand with a quality Cuban cigar and that’s pretty much it.  More recently whisky enthusiasts are pairing these complex expressions with food as well.  One of the best foods to pair whisky with is another vice, chocolate.  When pairing chocolate with whiskys there are two approaches you can take.  The first strategy  is to find flavours  that are similar or compliment each other.  The second strategy is to find flavours that contrast and, in effect, balance each other.  Much like whisky and cigars, there are endless combination possibilities with whisky and chocolate.  So, as requested, we will post of few “matches made in heaven” here in the next few days leading up to Valentines Day.


Maybe it will inspire one to add a fine bottle of single malt to the flowers and chocolate on the special day.  My pairing for this evening is a Glenmorangie 12 Year Quinta Ruban Port Cask Finish with Cailler Amaretti style milk chocolate.  I first sampled this scotch at a local Whisky Festival last weekend and found it was a rich, sweet whisky with fruity flavour all the way to the finish.
I found the fruit flavour compliments the Italian almond biscuit flavoured milk chocolate.  It is certainly a dessert I will indulge in again.




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